One of crucial steps in a scientific publication process is dissemination of research findings through a conference not only in national scale but also in international scale. An international conference in which Indonesian academician can involve must not be taken in abroad, however it can be followed in Indonesia. Concerning an effort to improve the quality of research finding publications of Indonesian academician, Statistics Department and Mathematics Department, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Science, State University of Makassar, will hold an International Conference in Statistics, Mathematics, Teaching, and Research (ICSMTR-2015) on October 9-10, 2015. The conference include some keynote speakers, invited speakers, contributing-paper participants, and focus group discussion (FGD). The selected papers will be published in International Journal of Applied Mathematics & Statistics (IJAMAS) and the paper that not published in IJAMAS will published in Proceedings.


Increasing Statistical and Mathematical literacy through high quality of teaching and research.



Prof. Dr. Muh. Nasir
(Minister of Research and High Education, Republic of Indonesia)

Dr. H. Syahrul Yasin Limpo, S.H., M.H., M.Si.
(Governor of South Sulawesi, Republic of Indonesia)

Professor Kerrie Mengersen
(Queensland University of Technology, Australia)

Professor Shigehiko Kanaya
(Nara Institute of Science and Technology, Japan)

Professor Ahmad A. Bahnassy
(Faculty of Medicine, King Fahad Medical City, Saudi Arabia)

Professor Zuhaimy Ismail
(Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Malaysia)

Professor Idir Ouassou
(Ecole Nationale des Sciences Appliquees, Marakech, Maroko)

Professor Asep Saefuddin
(Bogor Agricultural University, Indonesia)

Professor I Gusti Ngurah Agung
(Makassar State University, Indonesia)

Professor Hamzah Upu
(Makassar State University, Indonesia)

Professor Muhammad Arif Tiro
(Makassar State University, Indonesia)

Professor Mohd. Salmi Md Noorani
(Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Malaysia)

Dr. Darfiana Nur
(Flinders University, Australia)

Mincong Tang, Ph.D.
(Beijing Jiotong University, China)


  1. Formulating strategy to increase statistical and mathematical literacy through high quality teaching and research.
  2. Publishing ideas and research findings in the field of statistics, mathematics, and teaching an accredited national journal and reputable international journal.
  3. Studying ideas and research finding in the field of statistics, mathematics, and teaching.
  4. Holding international focus group discussion related to statistics and mathematics for general education.
  5. Holding national focus group discussion related to teaching statistics and mathematics at schools.


The Following are the important dates of the conference:

Deadline of Early Registration:
Presenter (17 July 2015)
Participant (01 October 2015)

Deadline of Late Registration:
Presenter (01 September 2015)
Participant (07 October 2015)

Deadline of Abstracts Submission (07 September 2015)
Announcement of Selected Abstracts (10 September 2015)
Acceptance of Full Paper (15 September 2015)

The Conference (09 – 10 October 2015)


1. Statistics

Statistics Theory
Quality Control
Statistics Computation
Statistics Education
Environmental Statistics
Multivariate Analysis
Experimental Design, and others

2. Teaching dan Research

IT based Learning
Lesson Study
Measurement in Education
Learning Theory
Learning Psychology
Research & Evaluation in Education, and others

3. Mathematics

Teori Fuzzy
Mathematics Computation
Mathematical Modelling
Artificial Intelligence, and others

4. Mathematics Education

Realistic Mathematics Education (RME)
Mathematics Literacy
Mathematics School and Curriculum
School Mathematics
Innovation in Mathematics Learning, and others

Call For Papers

Lecturers, researchers, practitioners, teachers, and students are kindly invited to submit their papers or poster presentation. The papers that will be accepted are those which are resulted from of a research on the field of statistics, mathematics and teaching. The submitted papers must have never been published before.

Abstract is written by using MS Word, maximum 300 words, Times New Roman 12, 1 space, A4 paper with margins 3 cm on the top and left, and 2.5 cm on the right and bottom. Abstract includes title (capital letter), authors and their institutions with address (po box, phone/email), content of abstract, and keywords (maximum 5 words).

Full paper is written by using MS Word, maximum 10 pages, Times New Roman 12, 1.5 space (1 space for abstract only), A4 paper with margins 3 cm on the top and left, and 2.5 cm on the right and bottom. Full paper includes abstract, introduction, method, results and discussion, conclusion, acknowledgment, and references.

The registration form(http://statistika.unm.ac.id/REGISTRATION%20FORM.docx), abstract, full paper, and proof of payment should be sent to email : icsmtr_2015@unm.ac.id, inbox in this Fanpage

or submit on :
Registration Form(http://goo.gl/LyV0Pd)

The registration fee should be paid by Bank transfer :

Acc. Number : 0373028646
Name : HJ. Aswi, S.Pd., M.Si.
Bank : Bank BNI 46
Swift Code : BNINIDJA

Phone : +6281355143653